A booking tool for recruiting users

Never again worry about planning, communicating and calender-juggeling when you want to talk to real users.

“I save about 80% of my time when recruiting users for interviews.”

Magnus Szatkowski - Product Manager, eBay

How it works for you

Imagine you're planning a user test with 4 sessions to gather insights on a new feature.

1 Create a booking page for users to sign up
2 Share a link to your booking page
3 Watch users sign up for your sessions
4 Manage participants and see who they are

How it works for users

Let's say you've sent out an email to users and a potential booker clicks the link to your booking page.

1 Reads about your session
2 Answers a few questions
3 Picks a time slot and signs up
4 Receives reminders before the test

So basically, you set up a simple landing page with available time slots and link users to it for sign up.

We have thought of most things

Never again worry about the practicalities of scheduling sessions with users.

Automated workflow
Optimized for all devices
100% GDPR compliant
Best practice templates
Fully customizable
Pre-written emails
Launch in 5 minutes
Add conversion tracking
Pay-per-use only

No subscriptions

Just pay for what you use.

First one on us


1 booking flow

Fixed fee


Per booking flow

Booking big


10 booking flows - Save 33%

Who is this for?

If you ever need to schedule sessions, remote or in-person, on a specific date for a group of people, UserBooking.io is for you. Especially if you're planning a user test.

What’s in it for me?

Save time and struggles when scheduling sessions. Don't worry about sending invites, reminders and follow-up emails. Avoid the stress of people booking the same time slot. Just create your booking and share it with potential participants.

Is all features included?

Yes. We don't believe in arbitrary subscriptions for different SaaS tools. That's why we have made it pay-per-use. No hidden fees or inaccessible "pro" features. Everything is included.

How do I pay?

When creating a free account, you'll get a free token. Use tokens to go live (1 equals 1) with your booking page. Once you have set it up - what a session is about, when it's happening and for how many users - just pay once to go live.

It has never been easier

Never again worry about the practicalities of scheduling sessions with users.